About MarigoldStyle

Your online source for handcrafted Indian bedding, pillow covers, curtains, table linens, scarves and textiles

About MarigoldStyle

Vibrant colors. Rich textures. Handcrafted scarves, pillows, bed linens, and table linens that connect you to distant lands and complement your personal style.

For centuries, elegant Indian textiles have captivated tastemakers and enriched daily lives around the world. At MarigoldStyle, we’re continuing this tradition by making them available to you.

Based in New York City, we bring fine artisanal Indian home decor, linens and accessories to consumers across the United States while supporting one of India's oldest and most prolific industries. Each item tells a profound story through centuries-old motifs, heritage weaves, hand-mixed dyes and wood block printing techniques, and you’ll know that every authentic piece is completely unique.

Our products are made by local artisans using generations-old techniques and all-natural cotton, silk and wool materials. The textiles are made in small batches and come from various regions across India, each renowned for their particular skills and aesthetics. Our unique selection draws from classic textures, colors and patterns which have been influenced by the numerous cultures intertwined throughout India’s history. This makes for a universally appealing style that can be enjoyed in everyday life.

Our Process

We source all our textiles from nonprofits and for-profit businesses that support grassroots communities of local Indian craftspeople. These range from large businesses to small workshops and individual designers who work directly with artisans to create our exclusive collection designed to suit modern American tastes. From vibrant color palettes and intricate traditional designs to our simpler, neutral-toned variations, all our pieces embody a distinct cultural identity while remaining versatile and contemporary.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the ancient techniques and the rich design heritage that set Indian textiles apart from all others. We are proud to support the largely rural and small town based handicraft communities that carry on this legacy, including artisans working from their own homes. No machine can replicate their skillful craftsmanship or the visual appeal of their work. We aspire to sustain the livelihoods and deep-rooted pride of these communities, and offer consumers a connection to the timeless beauty of Indian textiles.

Browse our range of handcrafted goods and see how vivid life can be.